Swingers Lifestyle

A quick guide

Swinging, also known as partner sharing, partner swapping or wife swapping, or sometimes simply as "The Lifestyle" is consenting adults enjoying the experience of having sexual relationships with (multiple) partners other than their life partner.

A common misconception is that swingers have sex with anyone. Except for a few events such as dogging or an orgy, the majority of swingers only have sex with people they find attractive. Do not think that by attending a swingers party you will be expected or allowed to have sex with any and everyone, unless the event is billed as a free for all or orgy, you will only be expected to interact with people who you find attractive and who find you attractive. At every swinging event everyone has the right to say "NO" at any time to anybody.


Swingers Clubs

Swingers clubs are a great way to make new friends and have sex with strangers in a safe environment.

Most large towns and cities have one or more swingers clubs. Check Clubs and Parties for information about swingers clubs where you live.


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Swingers Holidays

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Partner Swapping:

Pure swinging where 2 couples swap partners for a session of fun.

Swingers Parties/Clubs:

Where groups of swingers, both couples and singles, meet and swap in many different combinations.

Greedy Girls:

These are ladies with a high sex drive who enjoy the attention of multiple partners.


Where a couple will bring either a single male or single female into their relationship for added fun.


Car Park Sex, where people meet in various outdoor locations for sex with complete strangers.

Soft Swinging:

Where people will have sex with their own partners while being watched by other people.

Swinging Exhibitionists:

Couples or sometimes single who like to show off their bodies, or to let people watch while they have sex.


Where a mans partner (called a Hot Wife) will have sex with other men, sometimes at a different location, sometimes making the husband watch.


The wife of a cuckold, she will have sex with other guys as she pleases, sometimes letting her husband watch sometimes just telling him about her exploits afterwards.

Spark up your sex life
at a swingers Party

Swingers parties are similar to swingers clubs, except that at a party people tend to know a majority of the other guests.

The hosts of swingers house parties invite people who they think will get along with each other.

The easiest way get into the house party scene is to arrange a house party yourself, go through the profiles of local couples on this website and invite the ones you like the look of.

I have put together a guide to running your own "Swingers Parties" to help you get started.

Organize a swingers Party

Swingers Party

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